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darthsmily darthsmily at verizon.net
Tue Feb 3 22:14:41 CST 2004

I am, however I would need to get the information some other way besides 
the meetings. It is very difficult for me to make wedsdays meetings. 
That said, I will make an extra effort to show up at the meeting this is 
presented at.
I have worked on a patient tracking system for ER Depts, so I have that 
experience as well as PERL.


david pool wrote:

> My fellow perlmongers,
> Recently Meyer Memorial Trust funded a local nonprofit mental health
> center out in Hillsboro for a grant that would convert them over to open
> source software.
> The grant is being run through Collaborative Technologies, a recent 
> addition to Free Geek. The central component of the project
> is replacing the center's patient tracking system, which had been 
> developed in Access.
> We found an existing open source project that's mature, reasonably 
> full featured and written in Perl. The project just wrapped up version 
> 2.3, and we're begining to work with Tom Good, the project leader, on 
> what will be SQL Clinic 3.0 (codename Portland) when we finish. Tom is 
> delightful.
> This is an important first experiment with open source software for 
> Meyer Memorial Trust. Although this grant is a small one, MMT hands 
> out about $15 million a year in Oregon and SW Washington each year.
> If all goes well, it's a good bet they'll be funding more projects. 
> I'm hoping that some of the perlmongers would consider pitching in 
> some volunteer time to help make this first one a big success.
> I don't usually present things at the Perlmongers meetings, but if 
> people were interested I'd be happy to talk about the project a 
> little. In fact if people are interested I could see if Ron 
> Braithewaite, the Collaborative Technologies Coordinator, could come 
> give a general overview.
> Is anyone interested?
> david pool
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