[Pdx-pm] Perl Development on Windows

Dennis McNulty dennis at giantfir.com
Thu Dec 30 00:01:56 CST 2004

I'm drifting away from the main topic here, but if you're looking for a 
good all-purpose Windows-only editor, my favorite is TextPad 
(http://www.textpad.com/).  It's a commercial product from Britain, 
selling for about US $31 per copy.  It has syntax highlighting for a lot 
of programming languages (incl HTML tags), keyboard macros, re-mappable 
comand keys, block edit mode, horizontal and vertical split window, 
visible bookmarks, visible line numbers, difference reporting, regular 
expression searches (incl recursive on directories), can run commands 
(such as compiling) on the active file, print preview and customizable 
screen & printer font settings for different file extensions.  There 
aren't any features that favor perl development over any other language, 
but if you write code in several languages (even on the same day), it 
makes for a consistent platform for code-writing. 

-  Dennis McNulty

Josh Heumann wrote:

><quote who="Curtis">
>>While we're on the subject of vim,  read
>>http/mamchenkov/blog/vim_for_perldevelopers.  This document is an
>>absolute must for people using vim, particularly if they use Perl.
>I think this moved.  Everyone can google for it, but no one should have to:
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