[Pdx-pm] Want good examples of perl application installs

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Mon Dec 13 12:24:22 CST 2004

I am managing "dirvish", a perl wrapper around a rsync for disk-to-disk
backup ( see http://www.samag.com/documents/s=9464/sam0501b/ and
http://www.dirvish.org  )  Some of my developers are getting fiesty
about changing the "install.sh" install process to something involving
"make" (using Automake and Libtool) , which fixes some things (but does
not address other important install issues).

Can someone suggest some examples of small ( 2000 line ), highly
configurable stand-alone perl applications that have exemplary install
procedures?  I will probably tell the developers to go ahead with 
whatever they want to do, but I would like to know what the alternatives
are;  if there is something clearly superior, I would like to suggest it
to my developers.  


P.S.  New to the list, only lurking for a week.  I know some of you
folks from PLUG;  for the rest, howdy!  I am a perl newbie, and
scrambling like mad to learn perl from Randal's books and others. 
Dirvish contains some "hashes of references of hashes" level code,
a little involuted and complicated and "just growed", but otherwise
pretty lemonade, uncommented [ :-( ] perl.  

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