[Pdx-pm] Subroutine Signatures

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Tue Dec 7 12:43:42 CST 2004

Hi all,

I've released a module to the CPAN which allows subroutine signatures
and multi-method dispatch
(http://search.cpan.org/~ovid/Sub-Signatures-0.11/).  Note this is
*alpha* code.  It is not yet ready for prime time.  Ignoring the fancy
terms, it allows you to do this:

  use Sub::Signatures 'strict';

  sub foo($bar, HASH $baz) {
    return exists $baz->{$bar};

  sub foo($bar, ARRAY $baz) {
    return grep { $_ eq $bar } @$baz;

Note that those two subs have the same name yet will be called based
upon the type and number of arguments (actually, the module defaults to
a 'loose' mode where dispatch is based solely on the number of

With one exception, all feedback I've received has been from people who
have apparently have not used the module.  If anyone is willing to try
this module out (not on production code, obviously :) and give me
feedback, I'd be quite grateful!


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