[Pdx-pm] TUCS::Pod2HTML ?

Randall Hansen randall at sonofhans.net
Fri Aug 27 20:44:34 CDT 2004

i'm trying to get POD from a local file to be similar in structure and 
appearance to what CPAN generates from uploaded modules.  it's been 
unexpectedly difficult.

i can get a decent replica using Pod::HTML and a slightly munged 
version of CPAN's stylesheet, but the markup is different enough that 
the results aren't good.  for instance, it takes a line break to be the 
end of a code block, and ends the <pre> tag.

several search results tell me that Pod::HtmlEasy comes close to 
replicating CPAN's pod2html, but it seems sketchy to me.  the test fail 
on OSX, debian, and freebsd (perl 5.8.x on all).

i could force it (and probably will right after i send this :), but 
what i really want is the code that CPAN uses.  viewing source on a 
cpan page, i see something like this:

<!-- generated by TUCS::Pod2HTML v, using Pod::Simple::PullParser 
v2.02, under Perl v5.006001 at Sat Aug 28 00:26:43 2004 GMT -->

no search engine returns a result for TUCS::Pod2HTML.  i see no mention 
of it on CPAN's site.  any idea?



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