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Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri Aug 13 16:12:58 CDT 2004

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Gardner <jgardner at jonathangardner.net> writes:

Jonathan> First off, to comment about Stonehenge, my impression was
Jonathan> that it was just another company. I had a prejudice that
Jonathan> they would shrinkwrap software and if I got hired there I
Jonathan> would just be another engineer slaving away in the
Jonathan> corner. The reality may be very different. Especially
Jonathan> hearing what Randal[...] said above, I may look more at the
Jonathan> Stonehenge.


Jonathan> Things like accountants, salespeople, account managers, help
Jonathan> desks, 24/7 support call centers and staff, legal
Jonathan> departments, etc... All these are things we want someone
Jonathan> else to do because we stink at it.

Which is exactly why I'm building an organization to do all those
things that I don't do very well as an individual.  I'm creating
partnerships.  I'm hiring sales people.  I already have an operations
staff for financial and legal and other stuff.

But I shall not forget my roots.  I've been involved in recent
contracts where the pay-through rate is 90%!  While I can't promise
that on every contract, let me just say that finding something better
than 50% in the real world is unheard of.

I want everyone to win.  Thanks to my recent contacts I made at OSCON,
I could need a dozen new trustworthy Perl hackers in the next six
weeks.  And it'd be rediculous for me to not take advantage of the
economy of scale, so we aren't all building up sales and marketing and
billing teams (or do that work at 2am on our own).

I also have an investment in the Perl community.  My name has been in
hardcopy over 21 *million* times in various books and magazines.  I'm
here to stay.  You are all my tribe.  I respect you, and I believe
I've also earned your respect.

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