[Pdx-pm] Between MySQL and PostgreSQL I prefer...

Wil Cooley wcooley at nakedape.cc
Fri Aug 13 13:42:15 CDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-13 at 11:16, Austin Schutz wrote:

> 	So you do get something in return for mysql's shortcomings. If I had
> a project where data integrity were critical in a transactional db, however,

It's a common mistake that MySQL doesn't support transactions; it does
if you use InnoDB or BDB tables instead of MyISAM.  For some reason,
some vendors only ship with MyISAM enabled; I don't know if there are
patent issues or what.

> I would definitely use something a little more bulletproof, and postgres is
> a good choice for people who don't want to fork over whatever is in their
> bank account to Oracle. I've used postgres before on a couple projects and
> it works pretty well, though it tends to be a little more bitchy about syntax
> and datatype conversion than mysql.

I've been told that it's far easier to set up replication between MySQL
servers than Postgres, although I've never tried to do either.

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