[Pdx-pm] Win32::IPHelper module

Roderick A. Anderson raanders at acm.org
Wed Aug 4 16:17:52 CDT 2004

I thought I had the mini-project figured out when I discovered this 
module.  We'd like to add multiple IP addresses to an interface on a 
Win2000 Server (servers) from the command line.  For those that have 
been able to avoid doing too much with MS Windows; when you need to add a 
block of IP addresses it has to be done one at a time through a GUI 
(Windows ... go figure eh?).
   So when I found the IPHelper module and it claimed to do what I needed 
I started building and testing a command line tool to add addresses.  Big 
surprise; the AddIPAddress method only adds the address(es) temporarily 
which is in the docs but I missed the first few times in my haste to get 
this done.  The Microsoft knowledge base doesn't mention this so I'm not 
sure if author (Luigino Masarati) made this decision or this is just the
way the API works.

I'll try looking in the module code but in the mean time I wanted to ask 
if anyone has already solved this need to add multiple IP addresses from 
the command line.  Since Perl is the King of Tools it seems this is the 
place to ask.  (Well the London PM may come next depending on the results 
I get.)

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