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Mon Aug 2 21:34:10 CDT 2004

  I have a simple binding library which lets you do something like the

  class Foo
     attr_reader :bar, baz
     attr_writer :bar, :baz
  Persist::bind(Foo, 'foo_table', :bar, :baz)
  f = Foo.fetch('pkey_value') = 3'where bar > ?', 2) {|foo_obj|
     p foo_obj

 It handles about 80% of the database queries I use in a moderately
 complex (~20kloc)
 business application, with the remaining bits done in basic DBI calls.

 I've also been experimenting with a thread-safe LRU cache for objects, 
 so that at least multiple concurrent reads of a database-bound data
 object don't have to make a full round trip to the database for each

 Right now, it's not really package as a standalone library, but I'd be
 happy to go back over the code, clean it up, and either post it here 
 or on RAA for others to try out.

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