[Pdx-pm] OSX user's group?

John Labovitz johnl at johnlabovitz.com
Fri Apr 16 12:14:03 CDT 2004

On Apr 15, 2004, at 6:51 PM, Phil Tomson wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone knows of any OSX user's groups in
> Portland that are oriented towards Programmers & Unix devotees.

I haven't heard of anything regularly organized.

> I know that there is a Mac group in town, but my impression is that 
> it's oriented
> toward non-geeks.

Well, it's intended to be anything Mac-related, and there are 
definitely some programmers who are members (myself included).  But 
from my experience so far, most of the folks coming to the monthly 
meeting are definitely not programmers.  There seem to be a good bunch 
of folks still using OS9, if that tells you anything.

I'm going to see the PMUG organizers this weekend, and will try to 
remember to ask whether there have been any programmers' SIGs.

> It would be cool if there was an OSX user's group in town where topics 
> like Cocoa & Objective C programming are discussed.

Hear, hear!  I'm not in "town" (about an hour south of it), but I'd be 
very interested in such a group.  Anyone else?

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