[Pdx-pm] April Meeting Tomorrow Night

Josh Heumann perl-pm at joshheumann.com
Tue Apr 13 18:25:56 CDT 2004

April Meeting

When: April 14th, 2004 6:30pm

Where: Free Geek, 1741 SE 10th Ave

What: chromatic, talking about game development with Parrot:

    * Parrot, the VM for Perl 6, is an object oriented assembly language
with an exceedingly rich vocabulary of primitives -- if "primitives" is
the right word. What happens when you link it to a nice multimedia
library such as SDL? How much code does it take to do something

    * This talk covers Parrot, object-oriented Parrot programming,
Parrot's native call interface, the Simple DirectMedia Library, and,
finally, everything in SDL Parrot that works by the day of the talk.

AND: Joe Oppegaard, talking about Curses::UI

    * Curses::UI is a curses based OO user interface framework, giving
many convenient widgets you would expect. This talk will cover using
Curses::UI specifically drawn on the experience of writing sysv-rc-conf

It sounds like we do have a wireless bridge, courtesy of Perlmonger John
Labovitz.  Thanks, John!

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