[Pdx-pm] Re: string function

paull at peak.org paull at peak.org
Thu Oct 30 00:55:15 CST 2003

Ward writes:
> I'm having trouble thinking of a good way to compare two strings and
> find out where they differ.
> For example, given:
>         "abcdewxyz"
>         "abcvwxyz"
> I would like to find the number of matching characters starting from
> the front or back of the strings. These would be,
>         3 match from the front
>         4 match from the back

A-Good-Way is in the eyes of the beholder.

Converting 'abcdewxyz' into


will yield matches of the appropriate length.  If you can amortize the
cost of compiling a rex across many matches then perhaps this would even
be a performer.  It certainly has readability going for it.


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