[Pdx-pm] unhappy CPAN on OS X

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Wed Oct 29 19:36:57 CST 2003

On Oct 29, 2003, at 5:03 PM, Randall Hansen wrote:

> Fellow Mongers ~
> The last few days I've been setting up a new Powerbook.  It's all going
> swimmingly except for one problem with CPAN.  It appears to not be 
> able to
> use LWP or Net::FTP to fetch tarballs, but it takes *forever* to figure
> this out before it drops to using vanilla ftp.  It only does this once 
> per
> session; after it figures out that LWP and Net::FTP are hosed somehow 
> it
> doesn't try them again.

I wasn't able to use the stock perl with CPAN at all - the perl.h file 
was missing, preventing Good Things from oh, say, working.

I rebuilt Perl with the following invocation. Mind you, Perl ought to 
start faster if staticly linked (viz. useshrplib).

./Configure -des -D prefix=/usr/local/perl581 -D ccflags='-g -pipe' -D 
ldflags=-Dman3ext=3pm -D useshrplib \
	&& make test && make install

When that's complete, just link any or all binaries from 
/usr/local/perl581/bin to /usr/local/bin.


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