[Pdx-pm] Back copies of 02packages.details.txt

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Mon Oct 20 19:44:48 CDT 2003

>I have just the thing.  http://backpan.cpan.org/authors/authors-lR.gz 
>That should give you enough information to get the stats you want.
Thanks much, but that isn't what I need. It helps with the symlink 
problem I mentioned, but the trouble is that backpan only shows whatever 
wasn't previously deleted when it was first installed.  For example, the 
earliest DBD::DB2 it shows is version 0.70 from 2000, but the 
02packages.details for 1996 shows me a DBD::DB2 0.55.  What I need is a 
snapshot of  the full list for at least one month (hopefully the same 
month) each year.  I have a month from each of 1996,1999,2002 (thanks 
Mark Hartley), and two for 2003 (thanks again Mark).  I am constructing 
a graph of number of authors and number of modules year by year and 
finding interesting things like the number of modules per author 
increases fairly dramatically over time.  It's also informative to see 
the rate of growth.  I'll put the whole thing up as a searchable 
database when it's ready.

If the situation really truly is that no one has gathered these 
snapshots before, then we really need to get on it or a big batch of 
perl history will be, so to speak, history.  I'll write to people like 
Ask and HFB and brian who should all know more I hope, meanwhile, 
suggestions welcome.


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