[Pdx-pm] Back copies of 02packages.details.txt

Jeff Zucker jeff at vpservices.com
Mon Oct 20 11:26:08 CDT 2003

Hi all,

In my continuing research for the DBI book I am not being able to find 
some needed details of history.  As far as I can see, backpan is  only 
partial and because it doesn't do symlinks there's no way to  find out 
the dates of the earliest version of all DBD modules (e.g. by browsing 
the DBD category) other than look in the directories of everyone who's 
ever written one.  The best I have been able to find is old copies of 
the trusty 02packages.details.txt.  I could only find ones for June 1996 
and December 1999 on backpan and neither google nor the wayback machine 
turned up anything further.  So HELP!  if you have copies of 
02packages.details.txt for other years, please send them to me.  If you 
can think of some other way I can find the information I want (history 
of the names, versions, dates and authors of DBI-related modules 
1992-present), please let me know.  If I get enough responses to be 
useful, I'll post the whole lot in an archive or add it to backpan.


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