[Pdx-pm] Ever been stood up?

david pool dpool at hevanet.com
Fri Oct 10 09:44:28 CDT 2003

Randall Hansen wrote:
> Thus spake Joshua Keroes <jkeroes at eli.net>
> (on Thu, 9 Oct 2003 16:06:13 -0700 ):
>>He's offered a pretty heartfelt apology if you guys want it.
>>I'd like to schedule a makeup meeting for the missed one, for one
>>week from yesterday's meeting.
> No hard feelings from me; Mack's a good guy.  I've updated the site.

It's true, I like Mack and Brenda a bunch and I know too well that 
cringing feeling when one has boneheaded a meeting.

Unfortunatly I'll be at my neighborhood association meeting that night 
til 7:30, but I'll try to stop by afterwards.


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