[Pdx-pm] Ever been stood up?

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Thu Oct 9 18:06:13 CDT 2003

Being stood up on a date is no fun, as many can attest. It's only
marginally better when you have some friends there to laugh it off with
you. Nevertheless, last night, the Perl Mongers were stood up. Urban
Grind Coffee had closed its doors to us last night and without an
internet connection, chairs, and coffee, we were left without a
technical meeting.

About 16 of us went to the nearby pub and had a concillatory beer and
made the best of it.

I have but two words for what happened: That Sucked.

I just got off the phone with the owner of Urban Grind Coffee. As soon
as he heard who was calling, he delved into his email and cringed. I
could physically hear him cringing on the phone. Apparently, our date
reservation never made it from his email to calendar and as a result,
the doors were locked and the lights were out.

He's offered a pretty heartfelt apology if you guys want it.

I'd like to schedule a makeup meeting for the missed one, for one
week from yesterday's meeting.


Next meeting:

15 Oct 2003
Urban Grind Coffee
Map: http://snurl.com/2loe

Let's try again, shall we?


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