[Pdx-pm] Mac OS X 10.3

Thomas Keller kellert at ohsu.edu
Wed Nov 12 16:57:17 CST 2003

On my Mac running OS X 10.2 and perl 5.6, I had installed the fink 
package installer, and had added various libraries required by some of 
the perl modules I was using. But I was having trouble getting some 
perl modules to install. So for better or worse, I decided to rebuild 
my machine. I did a clean install of Mac 10.3 with all the developers 
tools, xcode, etc.

My questions are:
What libraries should I install right away, and where on Panther? e.g 
expat, libgd, freetype, etc?
What do people thing about using fink as a software installation tool 
on the Mac, specifically for perl required libraries, and perl modules?
What's your favorite reference for this type of perl-oriented system 

Tom K.

Tom Keller, Ph.D.
kellert at ohsu.edu
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