[Pdx-pm] Nov Meeting: Code Review TONIGHT

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Wed Nov 12 14:50:56 CST 2003

Come one, come all to a night of code review! We promise, this will be 
altogether unlike any code review at work.

You lucky contestants get to:
1. Bring code.
2. Talk to people.
3. Get additional eyes to look over your code.
4. Treat those people to beer, food, pool, your HUMAN SOUL; or 
something else nice.

Others may:
1. Constructively criticize code.
2. ...win a lifesize talking alarm clock of super-mega-sitcom star, 
Fran Drescher!

Some lucky few may also witness code being refactored - before your 
very eyes!

A select number will also watch as your fellow coders take on the 
physical and mental confidence  of Charles Atlas that only smooth, 
clean, succinct, clear code can provide. No sand getting kicked in 
anyones' eyes here!


   Weds Nov 12, 6:30-8:30, at the Urban Grind Cafe
   Map at http://urbangrindcoffee.com/

   Goodfoot? Laurelwood? Moon & Sixpense? Basement Pub? Anywhere else?
   We'll vote on a location at Urban Grind. Email me privately if you 
only can hit the afterhours.


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