[Pdx-pm] Re: [Porpig] Python night at OSCON

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Fri May 30 15:21:48 CDT 2003

>>>>> "david" == david pool <dpool at hevanet.com> writes:

david> Kevin Altis wrote:
>> I only got two responses about the Python party at OSCON on July 9th. Gina
>> Blaber has asked me to move the start time to 7:30 PM so it doesn't conflict
>> with the exhibitor reception. She also wants to promote it on their OSCON
>> events page.
>> I would appreciate feedback today, so that I can go ahead and finalize the
>> time and location. The current proposal is the Lucky Lab from 7:30 PM -
>> whenever people want to leave, but I could nominally say the event
>> officially ends at 10 PM (11 PM?), which is probably a good time since it is
>> a weeknight and people attending the conference will either be getting up
>> early and/or attending another late night OSCON party ;-)
>> If the time or place doesn't work for anyone and/or you have a better
>> suggestion, get it to me ASAP, otherwise I will finalize the date, place,
>> and time above later today.

david> That's the regularly scheduled perlmonger meeting time. I don't think
david> they've made any plans though. Perhaps we could combine the two into a
david> MOSS type hospitality event for our guests from out of town. I'll cc:
david> the perlmonger list to see if there's any interest. Otherwise, i guess
david> i'd just pick whichever one looked good that night.

Of course, if you have the party wednesday night, you will also be
unable to come to *Stonehenge* annual OSCON blowout bash which is also
wednesday night from 8pm to 1am.

If you can remember a previous one, you weren't there. :)

But seriously, Stonehenge has rented one of the largest nice bars
downtown, with free food, free open full bar (including Portland
microbrews), dancing, pool, and surprises for the entire evening.

And it's the Alpaca release party (the long awaited sequel to the
Llama book).

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