[Pdx-pm] Re: [Porpig] Python night at OSCON

Brian Ingerson ingy at ttul.org
Fri May 30 15:08:44 CDT 2003

On 30/05/03 12:11 -0700, david pool wrote:
> Kevin Altis wrote:
> >I only got two responses about the Python party at OSCON on July 9th. Gina
> >Blaber has asked me to move the start time to 7:30 PM so it doesn't conflict
> >with the exhibitor reception. She also wants to promote it on their OSCON
> >events page.
> >
> >I would appreciate feedback today, so that I can go ahead and finalize the
> >time and location. The current proposal is the Lucky Lab from 7:30 PM -
> >whenever people want to leave, but I could nominally say the event
> >officially ends at 10 PM (11 PM?), which is probably a good time since it is
> >a weeknight and people attending the conference will either be getting up
> >early and/or attending another late night OSCON party ;-)
> >
> >If the time or place doesn't work for anyone and/or you have a better
> >suggestion, get it to me ASAP, otherwise I will finalize the date, place,
> >and time above later today.
> >
> That's the regularly scheduled perlmonger meeting time. I don't think 
> they've made any plans though. Perhaps we could combine the two into a 
> MOSS type hospitality event for our guests from out of town. I'll cc: 
> the perlmonger list to see if there's any interest. Otherwise, i guess 
> i'd just pick whichever one looked good that night.

I think having MOSS sponsor the party would be a great idea. Kevin,
could we make this a combined party? The time is ripe for Snakes, Camels
and other icons to commune.

Cheers, Brian

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