[Pdx-pm] SB 589 Just write em

david pool dpool at hevanet.com
Wed May 28 20:31:26 CDT 2003

"Oh god, don't ask me to contact my representative again. Will it never 

Actually, I think this is the last push and this time it's your Senator. 
If you haven't added their cards to your address book already, you can 
find them here:


Alternatively, (or additionally) let the committee know what you think:

Rick Metsger, Chair SD 26 (D-Welches) sen.rickmetsger at state.or.us

Bruce Starr, vice-chair SD 15 (R-Hillsboro, Cornelius) 
sen.brucestarr at state.or.us

Ryan Deckert, SD 14 (D-Beaverton) sen.ryandeckert at state.or.us

David Nelson, SD 29 (R-Pendleton) sen.davidnelson at state.or.us

If people write, we'll win this thing. Wouldn't that be cool?

david pool

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