[Pdx-pm] June meeting date clash

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Thu May 22 18:36:25 CDT 2003

A.J. noticed that the O'Reilly Hacks book event is on the second
Weds of the month, the same night as our usual Perl Monger night. 
Looks like we have these options:

1. Go to the book event and hold our meeting afterwards at a
   nearby place. (e.g. House of Louie, Hobo's, ...)

   Issue: not sure when the book meeting will be over. That makes
   planning a decent pdx.pm start time difficult. Powell's Tech closes
   at 9pm, so that's probably the latest we should start a pdx.pm
   meeting. Anyway, I'll follow up on this with ORA to see if we can
   get an estimated event duration.

2. Go to this event as/instead of our monthly meeting.

   Issue: we had a social meeting last month. We really ought to have a
   tech meeting this time around.

3. Reschedule our meeting.

   Issue: rescheduling is a pain for lots of people.

4. Pretend the book event isn't happening and hold our usual
   meeting anyway.

   Issue: making people choose is pretty mean - and avoidable.



----- Forwarded message from Marsee Henon <marsee at oreilly.com> -----

Marsee wrote:
> Starting at 7:00 p.m., Rael Dornfest and Rob Flickenger, authors of
> O'Reilly's best-selling Hacks series ("Google Hacks," "Linux Server
> Hacks," and "Mac OS X Hacks"), will be at Powell's [ed. Tech] to talk
> about their top-rated tomes, answer questions, and reveal a few of the
> private hacks that didn't make the series.
> Powell's will be giving away a Hacks book with any O'Reilly book
> purchased, excluding Pocket References all day June 11.

> Powell's [ed. Technical] Books
> June 11, 7pm
> 33 NW Park Avenue
> Portland, OR
> http://www.powells.com/home.html

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