[Pdx-pm] Re: [PLUG] Minnis answers questions at City Club

Brian Ingerson ingy at ttul.org
Sun May 11 13:15:37 CDT 2003

On 10/05/03 14:04 -0700, Jeff Zucker wrote:
> Thomas Keller wrote:
> > I'll join another list ("geeks-on-oregon-policy", pdx-goop-list?)
> Me too, or a phone tree.
> > . But, as important as this topic is, I'd like to continue to follow 
> > "rules" pertinent to the list and keep the postings on topic: perl 
> > mongering. 
> I think a list for those issues may be good and maybe the MOSS list is a 

Agreed. This topic and any other Northwest Open Source ongoings is most
welcome on the MOSS list.


> good place.  But I define "perl mongering" to be a wider thing than "how 
> to program with perl" and would hope that the pdx.pm list will continue 
> to recieve important updates on things like this bill which directly 
> impact the future of Perl and of perl developers.


Cheers, Brian

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