[Pdx-pm] Minnis answers questions at City Club

David Pool dpool at hevanet.com
Fri May 9 16:01:22 CDT 2003

Karen Minnis gave a speech at the Portland City Club today. The first question 
following her talk was about measure 2892. It went roughly like this:

"I appreciate your addressing themes of fiscal reponsibility and doing more with 
the money we send to Salem. My question concerns HB 2892 which would require 
state agencies to consider Open Source software potentially saving tens of 
millions of dollars.

In Tuesday's Oregonian you called this bill a solution searching for a problem. 
Meanwhile, Oregon's "Perfect Storm" is cutting days from our school year, 
cutting people off of medical benefits and is cutting felons loose from our 
jails. In the sense that this bill would save tens of millions of dollars, it is 
a solution that has found a problem.

My question is Please, for the sake of all Oregonians, will you bring this bill 
to the floor of the house for an open debate?"

Her response talked about agencies already being able to choose open source and 
how the bill had missed some kind of procedural deadline.

My follow-up question was roughly "With all due respect, I understand that 
they're allowed to save us money, i'm suggesting that we should pass a law that 
makes them actively consider doing so, especially if we are looking under every 
rock to find money like you say"

Her response shifted the debate by claiming that the money savings weren't clear 
and that this had been debated in the committee.

I closed with the comment that I'd really like to see that debate take place on 
the floor of the house.

I believe this will be aired on Oregon Public Radio 91.5 FM Tuesday at Noon.


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