[Pdx-pm] Next meeting

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Mon May 5 12:39:20 CDT 2003

Sounds like we have two ideas for the next social meeting. Please vote:

1. Harvey's Comedy Club, this Thursday night.
2. Dim sum brunch at Legin, this Sunday.


On (Fri, May 02 03:14), Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
> >>>>> "Joshua" == Joshua Keroes <jkeroes at eli.net> writes:
> Joshua> The next meeting is, as yet, unplanned. What do you think of a Sunday
> Joshua> brunch of dim sum at Legin?
> Joshua> Failing that, I'm open to ideas. :-)
> I have free tickets for Harvey's Comedy Club next thursday night.  If
> I can get a head count by wednesday, I can get us all in, saving the
> normal $8 cover charge (which I don't think I've ever paid :).
> Here's the acts:
>     Innovative comedian Daniel Packard flavors his core skill of
>     stand-up with the hip spontaneity of fusion jazz, dropping the
>     standard, one-dimensional set-up/punchline premise and replacing
>     it by using audience response to spontaneously weave stories,
>     rants and free form pontifications. The result is a nightly
>     experience thats engaging, inspired and of course, totally
>     hilarious. Daniel has free audio samples and show info at
>     danielpackard.com or by calling his hotline at (415) MIC-9000.
>     And welcome back Mike Wally Walter, nominated for an American
>     Comedy Award as Nightclub Comic of the Year in 1994. Mike began
>     his comedy career way back in 1982, when you still had to be funny
>     to get a gig. He combines the fact that he has 4 ex-wives and 4
>     children into his offbeat brand of humor. He is not afraid to
>     tackle the delicate issues of relationships, childbirth or travel,
>     and stamp them with his sense of humor. A true professional, hes
>     been branded as high-energy, wild, zany, politically incorrect,
>     but always funny! www.comedyguru.com/mikewally
> We'd need to be in line together around 6:45pm, with dinner inside
> from 7 to 8pm, show 8 to 9:30.
> Harvey's has convenient access for mass transit, since they're at the
> confluence of the north end of the downtown bus mall, the Amtrak
> station, and the Greyhound Bus Depot.  No excuses for not getting
> there. :)
> Even if that doesn't end up being the event, let me know by email if
> you want to come along.
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