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Ovid poec at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 19 18:55:52 CST 2003

--- Joshua Keroes <jkeroes at eli.net> wrote:
> Got ideas for a talk? Thought about a good one at the last meeting?
> I heard some good ones there and I'm sure we have plenty more out
> there.
> Send me your half-thought-out thoughts, your ideas awaiting fruition,
> your caffeinated carbonated full-bore carbureted [wait, bore?] lectures;
> your... future pdx.pm meetings.

Okay, I'm a blithering idiot (no surprise there, eh?), but I'll take the bait.

If you don't have anything lined up, I'll commit to throwing together my talk:

=head1 NAME

use strict 'sql';


my $sql  = 'SELECT *'              and die "Don't do that!";
my $data = $sth->fetchrow_hashref  and die "Or that!";
my $sql  = 'SELECT this FROM that' and die "Still bad";

use base 'Class::DBI';             # much better


Many people misuse SQL.  While some of the above can be fine for a short script, we should be
careful about how SQL is used in a production environment.  C<use strict 'sql';> will detail why
the above constructs can lead to non-scalable code.

First, we'll show some examples of bad SQL and then move on to better SQL with bad implementations
(hint:  I don't avoid C<&DBI::fetchrow_hashref> for performance reasons).  We'll finish with a
quick discussion of how object persistence modules can help lead us lead us out of the quagmire.

=head1 NOTE

I'll primarily focus on C<Class::DBI> for the object persistence, but I'll touch on some of the
other OO Persistence modules such as Tangram and Alzabo.  I'll also discuss what I think is a bit
of a design issue with C<Class::DBI> (sorry Schwern!) and, by the end of the talk, you'll
understand why I feel that way.

Side note:  despite the design issue I alluded to, C<Class::DBI> rocks!  Joe Bob says "check it



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