[Pdx-pm] March Meeting - TONIGHT

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Wed Mar 12 14:23:01 CST 2003

Reminder: this is *tonight*. See you there!


The people have spoken. This month's meeting will be at...

   ...drum roll please...


...The Wunderland Avalon! < http://www.wunderlandgames.com/ >

The Avalon has lots of games for a nickel; some less, some more. They
have pinball, ski-ball, videogames, maybe some pool tables, probably air
hockey, etc.

Want to come? Follow these Quik-n-EZ In-struc-ti-on-es:

1. Meet at It's a Beautiful Pizza this Weds between 6 and 7pm for tasty
   beverages and big, fat hippy pizza. 

        It's A Beautiful Pizza  
        3342 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97214 
        Map: http://snurl.com/xhn

2. At 7, we'll traipse across the street to the Avalon and play some
   games. It will cost you $2.25 in admission to get in so don't
   forget to bring cash for admission and games!

	Wunderland Avalon
        3451 SE Belmont Portland OR, 97214 
        Map: http://snurl.com/xhf

See you there!

PS Warning: once you're inside the Avalon, there is *NO READMITTANCE*.
   You go in; you stay in. If you leave, they'll make you pay another
   $2.25 to get back in.

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