[Pdx-pm] failed tests on module install

Wil Cooley wcooley at nakedape.cc
Thu Mar 6 23:22:52 CST 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-06 at 18:39, Randall Hansen wrote:
> folks ~
> i guess i've been lucky, spoiled by debian, or not adventurous enough, but
> it's not 'til today that i've encountered failed tests on perl module
> installation.  old hat for most of you, no doubt, but it's got me all in a
> tizzy.
> several modules are failing, but here's one detailed example:  in
> HTML::Parser's 'headparser.t', test #3 fails.  the point of failure is
> comparing one string written into and then parsed from an HTML file:
> 	&Aring være eller å ikke være
> with another string:
> 	Å være eller å ikke være
> these should be equivalent, for properly-parsed HTML.  the test works fine
> on my debian, freebsd, and win2k machines, but is failing under RH8 (using
> another OS for this install isn't an option).  the text returned from the
> file is very similar, but it's not correctly reading the 'æ'.  if this test
> were the only one failing i'd probably force the install and ask around
> HTML::Parser land to see if anyone had any ideas (or maybe it's RH's unicode
> handling, or something else unrelated to the module, but that's all beside
> my main point).
> the main point is - what i'm installing is Bundle::Slash, and dozens of
> tests on numerous modules are failing (fewer than 1% of the total subtests,
> but that's still a large number).  i barely know where to start, but what i
> /don't/ want to do is manually tear apart each of these tests (as above) and
> hunt down the cause - it would take a week.
> is there a better option?  it's likely that few suggestions are too newb-ish
> to be helpful :)

RH 8 defaults to Unicode for everything.  Try setting 'export LC_ALL=C'
before installing the modules or wait for me to do it tomorrow :)

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