[Pdx-pm] Local Monger Makes Big Time

david pool dpool at hevanet.com
Wed Jun 18 14:10:09 CDT 2003

  Hey, our very own Allison Randal got suckered into <ahem> I mean got 
elected to the very prestigious position of President of The Perl 
Foundation. Fame, riches and eternal bliss soon to follow.

Congratulations Allison, that's actually very cool.


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| Changing of the Guard at YAS                                       |
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[0]Dan writes "In a recent meeting of the board of directors of Yet
Another Society (a.k.a. The Perl Foundation), long-standing President
Kevin Lenzo decided to step down from his role to pursue other
commitments. In his place the board elected a new President, Allison
Randal. The YAS board now is: Allison Randal, President; Kurt deMaagd,
Treasurer; Nathan Torkington, Secretary; Kevin Lenzo, Chairman. Our
heart-felt thanks go to Kevin for the countless hours he's devoted to YAS
and TPF. We all believe Allison can and will do wonderful things for

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