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Daniel C. Stillwaggon dstillwa at xprt.net
Tue Jun 17 20:25:46 CDT 2003

On Tuesday, Jun 17, 2003, at 09:47 US/Pacific, Joshua Keroes wrote:
> That gives people a reason to visit the booth - people could sign up on
> cartels, I mean teams, get the list, etc.
> We could then review all of the scavengers parties' found treasure a
> night or two later hopefully in the conference's big room.
Some more brain-storming here, but how about if the items of the list
either spelled out or signified elements of a perl program, the output
of which had to be presented at our booth to claim the prize?

The start of the list could be a code listing with crucial pieces 
pieces that would get filled in by finding the proper clues.  That could
be engaging enough to pique some interest, and we could find ample
subjects within the confines of fair-less square.

I think that we will attract more interest if the contest is properly 
and perl related.

> Two "close" pubs:
> + Rogue Brewhouse, 1339 NW Flanders St. - just up from Powell's, they
>   have Real Beer on tap.
> + The Old Lompoc, 1616 NW 23rd Ave. - humble bar, good beer, great
>   garden out back. An excuse to take the streetcar?
Bridgeport Brewing is also along the streetcar line.  Plus the 
McMenamin'ses (which, while not great beers, are certainly more than

I believe that the streetcar only costs $.60 for a ride?

Daniel C. Stillwaggon
<dstillwa at xprt.net>

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