[Pdx-pm] Open Source Bill Update

david pool dpool at hevanet.com
Wed Jun 11 18:23:29 CDT 2003

I guess I overstated the case earlier. SB 589 isn't yet the Open Source 
Bill because it hasn't been amended and passed out of the Senate 
committee. The word is that the votes probably aren't there to pull it 
out of committee. On Monday night I questioned the panel of 16 
legislators at Grant HS about the bill and none of them were aware of 
the move to get SB 589 amended with the HB 2892 contents.

SB 589 is currently in the Transportation and Economic Development 
Committee. The Chair, Rick Metzger is supportive of this bill, but we 
need the support of Sen. Ryan Deckert and either Bruce Starr or David 
Nelson to move it out of Committee.

Also, to quote a Democratic Representative: "Karen Minnis is God" (ie if 
she wants to kill it she will).

Nevertheless, the legislators were supportive and said our efforts on HB 
2892 were noticed and it raised the visibility. They encouraged us to 
e-mail the Senate. Frankly, I was surprised and disappointed that the 
Senate was oblivious to our attempts there.

If you haven't e-mailed some Senators, now would be the best time to do 
so. They're all listed here:



ps Pardon the cross posts - this is probably the last of em from me for 
a while.

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