[Pdx-pm] [Meeting] 11 June 2003

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Wed Jun 4 12:52:11 CDT 2003

[ This info is duplicated on http://portland.pm.org ]

== Upcoming: Portland Perl Mongers Technical Meeting ==

We have a full evening of events planned for the Wed, 11 June 2003
meeting. This is an all-O'Reilly evening, starting with books and ending
with modules with food along the way.

== Agenda ==

7:00 - 8:30ish
    Rael Dornfest and Rob Flickenger talk about their Hacks series at Powell's Tech.
    Walk to House of Louie, order pu-pu platters and agar pudding
9:00 - 10:00
    chromatic on Mail::SimpleList
    portland.pm t-shirts for sale! Buy one, impress you; buy two, impress me too!

== Gory Details ==

Powell's Technical Books
33 NW Park Ave.
Map: http://snurl.com/1ify

Rael Dornfest and Rob Flickenger, authors of O'Reilly's best-selling
Hacks series (Google Hacks, Linux Server Hacks and Mac OS X Hacks), talk
about their top-rated tomes, answer questions, and reveal a few of the
private hacks that didn't make the series.

Powell's will be giving away a Hacks book with any O'Reilly book
(excluding Pocket References) purchased all day June 11.


House of Louie
331 NW Davis St.
Map: http://snurl.com/1ig0

Walk over to House of Louie. It's about 5 or 6 blocks away.


House of Louie

This month's Perl Mongers meeting will be held at House of Louie, in the
back, in the banquet room. Please support our local business by ordering
some food or drink! If this proves to be a good venue, we'd like to be
welcomed back with open arms.

First: announcements, banter, witty banter, unwitty banter, social time,
t-shirts for sale ($9.99 + $0.01 S/H)

Next, chromatic talks about Mail::SimpleList:

    You've used Perl at work. You've programmed for other people before.
    How do you take a project from idea to execution? How can you add
    new features to your own projects without going crazy?

    Mail::SimpleList is a simple-but-effective project written in
    Perl. chromatic will demonstrate how he wrote it, from ideas to
    design to tests to implementation and explaining how
    Mail::SimpleList works, why he made the design choices he did and
    what he learned all along the way.

    chromatic will touch on mail filtering, object orientation,
    test-driven development, customer testing, deployment, refactoring
    and the normal ups and downs of any type of software development.

See you there!

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