[Pdx-pm] job control

Randall Hansen perl at sonofhans.net
Sun Jun 1 20:15:33 CDT 2003

Folks ~

I'm trying to get a list of bash's suspended jobs using Perl.  I
initially thought this would be trivial (e.g. perl -e "print exec
jobs"), but I've yet to succeed.  I tried permutations of "system,"
"exec," backticks, etc.  The closest I've come is:	$ perl -e "print
`jobs`" which apparently does an eval on the output of jobs (causing
errors and yielding nothing useful).  But what I really want is to
capture and examine the output, not echo it.

It occurs to me (after seeing "No such file ..." a few times) that
technically jobs is a builtin of bash, not a system command.  This
hasn't gotten me any closer.  I can start a new bash with perl, but
can't figure out how to send builtins to an existing one.

Which in turn makes me think that this may be more of a bash question
than a Perl one, but I thought I'd ask anyway.


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