[Pdx-pm] Roomate needed, pronto!

Michael G Schwern schwern at pobox.com
Wed Jul 23 03:06:03 CDT 2003

Ingy's moving out August 1st, and the plans for Clint moving in fell
through. :(  So I need a roomate for August.  Here's the deal:

2631 SE 21st Ave. 
Corner of 21st and Clinton across from Crackers, right down the street from 
  La Cruda, Clinton St. Theater, Red & Black coffeehouse, People's Food Co-op.
Sharing the whole 2nd floor of a large house.
Directly above "Go Gourmet" resturaunt.
2 bedrooms.
Full bathroom.
Large kitchen.
Large, open living area.  Semi-partitioned so you can have your half and
  I can have mine.
Washer/Dryer (and its not coin-op!)
Dishwashing machine.
Big tub.
Wood floors.
Your share: $450/month + about $80 utilities (gas, elec, phone, cable modem)

At the moment I just need a warm body with a warm wallet who's not
into eating puppies that can move in August 1st and stay at least a month.

Send me email, call 503-236-0671 or drop by.

Commence simultaneous panic on my mark.

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