[Pdx-pm] [JOB] Fulltime mod_perl/Mason job in Seattle

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Mon Jul 21 16:50:46 CDT 2003

I contacted Tom to ensure that this isn't mass-distributed spam. Tom
is a real Perl programmer. He's listed in the mod_perl and DBD::Oracle
docs. Google searches turn up sysadmin and programmer-related links.

If you missed the hiring opportunities at OSCON then here you go. :-)


--- Tom Mornini <tmornini at infomania.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm a Perl programming professional that does contracting work on the 
> side. During a recent meeting with a large employer in Seattle, it was 
> explained to me that they were looking for a large number of highly 
> qualified Perl programmers during the next 12 months. They are looking 
> for full time employees willing to move to Seattle.
> This company is a major concern that offers stability, good pay, 
> benefits and perks. They are nearly 100% mod_perl/Mason. They prefer 
> full time employees onsite for many reasons, and have little interest 
> in contractors of any sort, particular offsite contractors. Any Perl 
> Monger looking for a job and willing to move to Seattle would likely 
> jump at the opportunity to work for this company.
> It occurred to me that rather than acting as contractor, or employee, I 
> might benefit more by recruiting Perl programmers for them. With the 
> current job market and relative lack of Perl jobs (compared to Java and 
> Microsoft technologies, bleh) the timing seems ideal.
> That's why I'm writing you. Your group may provide access to a large 
> and concentrated group of talented Perl programmers, some of which 
> might be looking for a new opportunity. I'd like to access your members 
> to gauge their interest. If enough qualified people are interested, 
> then I could schedule to attend a meeting and meet the potential 
> candidates in person.
> Meeting the people in person is very important. While this company is 
> absolutely looking for the top Perl talent they are also looking for 
> communications skills, social skills, situational awareness and 
> business saavy in addition. I feel that these additional attributes are 
> best judged in person.
> Would this be of interest to you and your group members? If so, how can 
> we arrange to advertise this opportunity and gauge interest?
> Thanks for your time. I'm eagerly awaiting your response.
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> -- Tom Mornini
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