[Pdx-pm] Re: [pasa-discuss] We might get OSCON here next year, with your help

John Miller millerj at metro.dst.or.us
Fri Jul 11 18:13:49 CDT 2003

Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
>>>>>>"John" == John Miller <millerj at metro.dst.or.us> writes:
> John> Whatever they do, they have to get some bigger rooms, or better
> John> anticiapte which subjects will draw large audiences.  Many of the
> John> salon sessions I attended were beyond SRO.
> It's really really hard to predict attendance.  They know some of the
> big names will have big draws, but it's hard to predict size just
> looking at an abstract.

Well, there was an "or" in there.  :^)

Seriously, I hope they at least try.
The more obscure topics probably draw smaller numbers.
Yet php5, webDAV, LPDAP, Python, etc were in SMALL rooms!

Marriot seemed to have rooms for 25 + SRO, then rooms for 200, then for 500.. or 
something like that.  Sounds like an interesting problem.  I could write a perl 
script.... :^)

Anyway, your point IS well-taken.  I put mine on the conf eval.


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