[Pdx-pm] Lightning Talks Meeting

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Mon Feb 10 13:38:43 CST 2003

The next meeting is right around the corner - it's this Wednesday!

The website move is complete. Christian had the bright idea of adding a
host alias for pdx.pm.org, which is what a number of us think of anyway.
With that change, you'll always be able to access the Portland Perl Monger
website at either address:


All the meeting details are there: who, what, where, when... not the why
though. If you need a why, just show up to the meeting and a dozen
lecturers will tell you.


PS  On the offchance that the DNS hasn't propagated to your site yet and
    you see the Ruby lecture on the webpage, use this alternate URL
    instead: http://sonofhans.net/pdxpm/ .

PPS If you've been thinking about giving a lightning talk but haven't
    gotten off your lazy butt, now is the time! We still have a few
    slots open and a whole day to spare. :-D

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