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Whoopee. Sweet 16!



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     * Perl is 16 - Happy Birthday

| Perl is 16 - Happy Birthday                                        |
|   posted by KM on Thursday December 18, @09:28 (news)              |
|   http://use.perl.org/article.pl?sid=03/12/18/1411200              |

[0]nicholas writes "Larry Wall released Perl 1 on this day in 1987, so
today Perl is 16 years old. Happy birthday Perl! You can read more about
the timeline of Perl releases in [1]perlhist.pod and at
[2]history.perl.org." Happy birthday Perl. You are now old enough to get
a US drivers license.

Update : to celebrate this event, Richard Clamp [3]released perl 1.0.16,
which you will be able to fetch at

Discuss this story at:

     0. http://www.ccl4.org/~nick/
     1. http://search.cpan.org/~nwclark/perl-5.8.2/pod/perlhist.pod
     2. http://history.perl.org/

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