[Pdx-pm] how to append to library path?

Robby Russell robbyrussell at pdxlug.org
Mon Dec 15 23:13:35 CST 2003

Tom Phoenix wrote:

> If somebody wants to add that feature to Perl (or talk somebody else into
> doing so), try it out. But be sure to benchmark how much it slows down
> every invocation when there's no config file, and how much when there's a
> config file that looks in all of the likely places where config files live
> on a given system. It's probably not much of a slowdown, but on small,
> frequently-called programs (such as those on a webserver), it could double
> the compilation time.

That's how PHP does it with the PHP.ini file, which is just another way 
to store GLOBAL variables.  Wouldn't it make more sense to include 
specific libraries on an as needed basis (per script) rather than do 
this in some global place? It'd make sense to just recompile should this 
change be necessary.

Once you use something like a system config file, people would want to 
turn on/off more configuration stuff there rather than controlling it 
within their application.

I'm just curious as to why that would be a really useful feature for 
perl as I find it to be one of the things that I dislike about PHP.


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