[Pdx-pm] T-shirts

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Sun Apr 27 12:00:33 CDT 2003

T-shirts are rolling forward. Soon, we'll have shirts with this logo
that randall at sonofhans.net created:


Excited? I know I am. :-)

Here's the bad news: I don't know much they'll cost yet but really,
they're just tshirts. They can't possibly cost much more than a night
out carousing. :-) Heck, *real* carousing would probably get you a
few tshirts. This is more on the order of a few beers with friends
but I digress.

PDX.pm has ~160 members. I think a run of 50 shirts is a decent
estimate but I'd like to get a better one... please send me a private
email with the number of shirts you'd like and preferred sizing.


PS This isn't an order. Again, you're not ordering anything from me; I
   just want to know roughly how many we should order.

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