[Pdx-pm] array question

aspen 108 aspen_108 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 21 17:03:01 CDT 2003

Hi Tkil-

Thanks for your answer.  I ran a few tests, and my code is now running 
perfectly without a peep.  Yay!

So, yes, both you and Ovid were right.  Either "@temp = ();" or "undef 
@temp" totally cleared my 2-d arrays.  My earlier attempt to "undef 
$temp[$seg][$lay];" cleared the values but kept the array indices, which was 
the cause of the problem.

Thanks guys!

Annett :)

p.s. Apologies to others who couldn't read my first post. Still not sure how 
to get it to post as a reply rather than a new post.  Hope this one works...

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