[Pdx-pm] HB 2892 - Fight for what you believe

David Pool dpool at hevanet.com
Mon Apr 21 13:19:52 CDT 2003

All right people, if you haven't been paying attention, this is the part of the 
battle where Microsoft scuttles Bill 2892 in a back office deal and then we 
apply our own political pressure to bring it back to life.

This is the crucial leverage point. Cooper and Ken have carried the ball this 
far, but they are no match for Microsoft. If you ever thought about getting off 
your duff to promote Open Source/Free Software, NOW IS THAT TIME!

Heck you don't even have to get off your duff. Just send the letter below out to 
everyone you know in Oregon, then follow its advice and send the second half to 
your representatives and the committee members.

If you understand this issue - express yourself. This is a far more important 
element of representational democracy than voting. You can actually make a 

Do it. Sources tell me TODAY is the day to make your voice heard.

David Pool


Dear Friends,

There is a Bill stuck in the Oregon legislature that could save the state budget 
MILLIONS of dollars by considering Open Source software like the Linux operating 
system. According to Friday's Oregonian, Microsoft lobbyists have managed to 
scuttle this Bill in closed door sessions.


Microsoft has $30 billion to spend, we have nothing but your support. We need 
that support now, just to get the Bill considered openly and honestly.

IBM, Google, Amazon, Yahoo - all use Open Source software because it saves them 
money. Merrill Lynch uses it too (and they understand money). Here's a direct 
quote from Merrill Lynch:

"'...when modifications or repairs are needed, an open-source software customer 
can solicit for competitive bids, where a commercial software customer would be 
forced to turn only to the software's creator. That's an attractive proposition 
for a business."

Source: http://weblog.kestrelworks.com/archives/000199.html

It would be a travesty of justice to let Microsoft get away with this ploy. Our 
Schools need these $Millions far more than Microsoft needs more profits.

Please consider sending the letter below to your representatives. You can locate 
your representatives here:


Of course you can tell everyone, if you really want to send a message:
Full Senate http://www.injuredworker.org/Senate.htm
Full House http://www.injuredworker.org/House.htm

Thanks for your support. If we pull together, we can do great things in Oregon!

PS Send this on to your friends, too!


Dear Elected Official,

I am concerned that Bill 2892 appears to have been waylaid in the House
General Government Committee(1). This bill would ask Oregon government agencies 
to consider using Open Source software alternatives, potentially saving the 
state millions of dollars.

Because the bill allows the Government to choose commercial products when that's 
the best choice, I don't see why the committee is preventing the
legislature from considering this bill. (Yes, I understand that Microsoft is
lobbying heavily against it).

In these budgetary times, I think it's wrong to not consider options for saving 
money that could be better spent on schools and healthcare.

Please use your influence to get this bill considered in the light of day,

City, State

1. The Oregonian: 

2. Bill 2892


The General Government committee of the Oregon House

Representative Jerry Krummel  Chair
Email Address: rep.jerrykrummel at state.or.us

Representative Donna Nelson Vice-Chair
Email Address: rep.donnanelson at state.or.us

Representative Floyd Prozanski Vice-Chair
Email Address: rep.floydprozanski at state.or.us

Representative Brad Avakian
Email Address: rep.bradavakian at state.or.us

Representative Derrick Kitts
Email Address: rep.derrickkitts at state.or.us

Representative John Mabrey
Email Address: rep.johnmabrey at state.or.us

Representative Kelley Wirth
Email Address: rep.kelleywirth at state.or.us

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