[Pdx-pm] Meeting Tonight

Joshua Keroes jkeroes at eli.net
Wed Apr 9 15:07:36 CDT 2003

The April PDX.pm meeting is *TONIGHT*.
Wednesday 9 April 2003, 6-8PM at Old Market Pub & Brewery
Map: http://snurl.com/kk2


    * 6:00: Social Hour - pool, shuffleboard, chatter, beer, etc.
    * 7:00: Curtis Poe - use strict 'sql';
    * 7:45: Intermission
    * 8:00: Brian Ingerson, Ward Cunningham - Test::FIT

use strict 'sql';

        Curtis Poe has been cashing in his mad-scientist points to
        bring you:

        use strict 'sql';

        my $sql  = 'SELECT *'              and die "Don't do that!";
        my $data = $sth->fetchrow_hashref  and die "Or that!";
        my $sql  = 'SELECT this FROM that' and die "Still bad";

        use base 'Class::DBI';             # much better

        Many people misuse SQL. While some of the above can be fine for
        a short script, we should be careful about how SQL is used in a
        production environment. This talk will detail why the above
        constructs can lead to non-scalable code.

        First, we'll show some examples of bad SQL and then move on to
        better SQL with bad implementations (hint: I don't avoid
        &DBI::fetchrow_hashref for performance reasons). We'll finish
        with a quick discussion of how object persistence modules can
        help lead us lead us out of the quagmire.

That's either grounds for a religious war or a healthy debate! Bring
your arguments and/or armaments and we'll find out which.


        Next up is Brian "I write a new module every week" Ingerson with
        guest speaker Ward Cunningham. Together they'll talk about
        Test::FIT. Test::FIT is an acronym for "Test Colon Colon
        Framework for Integration Tests" which is a little
        redundantly-redundant but that's that.

        Ward invented FIT to display a project's test status on the web
        so everyone knows what works and what doesn't work.

        Ingy implemented the framework in tight, clean
        object-oriented Perl.

        A picture's worth a thousand words. See all those words at an
        actual project that uses FIT:

All this info and more at http://pdx.pm.org/


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