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Josh>Maybe the answer to this is floating around but hasn't gotten to me in
Josh>way that some emails tend to come in not the right order, but: What was
Josh>final decision on the meeting?  Just to clarify, when/where/do we have
Josh>have the first chapter read before the meeting?

Hi Josh, all:

I'm waiting (hopefully monday am) to hear back from my work people about use
of the conference room.  It's got a computer & overhead projector, so I hope
they say yes.  The date/place to be decided based on what happens with the
room & whether I need to look elsewhere for a space.  Unfortunately, if we
use my company's conference room, you cannot bring beer :-)  Time will
probably be 6 or 6:30.

You won't need to read the first chaper before the meeting.  We'll read the
first section or so out loud, discuss, do the exercises, see if we like that
format for future meetings.  There's been an offer to do it more
presentation-style than forum-style too, so we may try that instead either
the first or second time & see which approach we like best.

Would someone volunteer to set up an elist so we can move this discussion
off pdx-pm?  That'd be really cool; I've too many other things going on
right now.  (like that I'm supposed to be doing paying-job work at this very
moment for a software relase on monday, and have managed to procrastinate
all the way till 1am on Sunday, blah...)


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