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John Goalby jgoalby at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 29 22:31:18 CDT 2002

> >> There are three of us on this elist who all work at the same company
> >> and were inspired recently by posts here and elsewhere to go pick up
> >> copies of _The Pragmatic Programmer_.  We're thinking of getting
> >> together to discuss the book and good programming practices
> >> periodically.  However, the discussion would be more exciting if there
> >> were more people involved than just the three of us, as well as, in
> >> the words of Mark (TGI) "it would be great to have someone smarter
> >> than us there." :-)
> >>
> >> So, just shooting this out to see if there's interest... anyone wanna
> >> do
> > an
> >> informal, maybe every-other-week-type-thing, get-together to discuss
> >> _The Pragmatic Programmer_ in particular and good programming
> >> practices in general?  Lovely down-town location?  nudge, nudge, wink,
> >> wink???
>Maybe the answer to this is floating around but hasn't gotten to me in that
>way that some emails tend to come in not the right order, but: What was the
>final decision on the meeting?  Just to clarify, when/where/do we have to
>have the first chapter read before the meeting?
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I don't think anything was decided so far.  I did email the authors of the 
book and got a response from Andy.  He said they have a page on their wiki 
for something like this:


I added a section to the wiki for the portland group.  This will give us 
some space.  Everyone should feel free to add to the portland page.  They 
also have a mailing list (that is shared with other pragmatics in other 
areas which I think is good) but I have tried twice to subscribe with no 
response.  Not sure if its automatic or not.

Once we have our own list we can move to it and stop being off topic ;-)


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