[Pdx-pm] Reading group

Josh Heumann perl-pm at joshheumann.com
Sun Sep 29 21:43:45 CDT 2002

>> There are three of us on this elist who all work at the same company
>> and were inspired recently by posts here and elsewhere to go pick up
>> copies of _The Pragmatic Programmer_.  We're thinking of getting
>> together to discuss the book and good programming practices
>> periodically.  However, the discussion would be more exciting if there
>> were more people involved than just the three of us, as well as, in
>> the words of Mark (TGI) "it would be great to have someone smarter
>> than us there." :-)
>> So, just shooting this out to see if there's interest... anyone wanna
>> do
> an
>> informal, maybe every-other-week-type-thing, get-together to discuss
>> _The Pragmatic Programmer_ in particular and good programming
>> practices in general?  Lovely down-town location?  nudge, nudge, wink,
>> wink???

Maybe the answer to this is floating around but hasn't gotten to me in that 
way that some emails tend to come in not the right order, but: What was the 
final decision on the meeting?  Just to clarify, when/where/do we have to 
have the first chapter read before the meeting?

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