[Pdx-pm] zoinks! programming technique meeting

Raymaker, Dora dora.raymaker at xo.com
Fri Sep 27 13:50:23 CDT 2002

Wow, y'all are as crazy as me; I didn't really expect so many people to be
interested! :-)

So this is what I'm thinking:

1. we meet once a month at 6pm maybe?

2. I'm gonna ask my boss about the possibility of using a conference room @
my work which is on the corner of Broadway & Washington downtown...

3. The chapters in _Pragmatic Programmer_ are short; we could conceivably
read one out loud (hence no need to buy the book) and use it as a discussion
point for the rest of the time.  There are fun exercises at the end of each
chapter to further stimulate discussion and work on technique.

what do you think?


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