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John Goalby jgoalby at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 25 14:18:56 CDT 2002

OK, its pretty obvious that a lot of programmers are awful.  Rather than 
belabor that, what would people suggest that would fix it?

I would also add "The Pragmatic Programmer" to the list of texts.  Excellent 
book, just as good after the second read.


>Having just graduated with a CS degree (and there being fully entrenched in
>wanting to do things the "right way"), I'm interested to see the way that
>programmers are illustrated here.
>Programming has, following the popularity of the internet, been brought to
>the masses.  This is a good thing, because a lot of cool things get written
>that us cs nerds wouldn't have thought of, and a lot of people became cs
>nerds despite their degrees in Art History or Philosophy.
>The downside is that it is easy to make something work and not think about
>the peripherals such as maintenance, readability (which hasn't been
>mentioned here and is a HUGE problem among perl programmers) and future
>addons, etc.  Essays like Mythical Man Month and No Silver Bullet are
>standard reading in the cs world (although I had to opt to read them), and
>were revolutionary when they were published, but don't get read often
>enough to stem the rising tide of "poor" programming practices.
>Basically, everyone should read them.  There are probably some others that
>I didn't mention, but those specifically.
>Okay, I'm done.
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