[Pdx-pm] Software development and The Rules

Joe Oppegaard joe at joppegaard.com
Tue Sep 24 18:36:54 CDT 2002

Although this question would have been perfect for the presentation done by 
Curtis last time, I just started thinking about it.

It seems like 75% of the software developers out there don't follow The Rules 
(or know why they are breaking them), at least this would be the assumption to 
make after reading books like The Pragmatic Programmer, The Practice of 
Programming, or just hearing people talk about their peers at work. 

As I've never had a job as a software developer, I don't know how true that 
assumption is. Is it one of those wonders of society where everyone Knows they 
are good, yet they also Know most everyone else is sub-par? (ie. driving).  

Joe Oppegaard

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